Bimini Expedition Testimonials!

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“I’ve traveled to Bimini with Cassie three times now and each time has been nothing short of amazing! Cassie does a great job of organizing and planning everything so all you really have to do is grab your gear and hop on the boat. From the stingrays, to the sharks, and of course the dolphins, each day is packed with wildlife and that infamous “Bimini blue” water!

I appreciate how she puts the welfare of the wildlife first, which makes the experience that much more rewarding. I’ve spent a lot of time in the ocean over the years and many of my most cherished memories have come from these trips to Bimini with Cassie. I highly recommend this experience to anyone looking to swim with dolphins in the wild and enjoy the magic of the ocean!”

-Taylor H. - June 2019, June 2022, & July 2022

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"I have joined Cassie Jensen during her summer expeditions to Bimini for two trips to see the spotted dolphins and other marine life the island has to offer. This expedition is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Cassie’s passion about wildlife shines in every detail that makes this trip incredible, from the housing and accommodations to the itinerary that is carefully designed to increase our chances of finding different species to photograph.

Cassie prioritizes safety - for both human and animal - over everything else. I never doubted or questioned anything for a second during the duration of the trip. She is also happy to help with photography suggestions while also emphasizing the importance of occasionally putting the camera down to live in the moment and enjoy this experience. From the friendships formed, the laughs, the evening photo editing sessions, and of course the Bimini Bread (you must go on this trip to understand), this trip is absolutely perfect and I very much look forward to my next expedition with Cassie."

-Kaitlyn M. - June 2018 & June 2019

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“Thank you so much for everything. I’m so excited to have 5 (!!!!) of your prints hanging in my apartment this year! I had an incredible first trip this summer and cannot express my gratitude for the invite on the second trip. I know how hard you work to make these trips run seamlessly for all of us, and I appreciate it more than you will ever know.

You are the best planner, tour guide, boat crew, photographer, teacher, chef, and cheerleader all in one! I’m so grateful for all of the knowledge you have shared and the passion you have grown within me. I have learned so much from you these last two years and it has only encouraged me to learn more and love the ocean with an even bigger heart. Your passion for what you do is so evident to everyone around you and you have such a contagious spirit and joy when you are doing what you love.

It was so funny hearing you talk about being such a big fan of THE Laz Ruda because to me you are THE Cassie Jensen that I major fan girled over for so long. I can’t wait for future travels with you and can’t wait to hear about whatever next trips you decide to do! Thank you again for everything ❤️❤️”

-Caroline D. - August 2021, July 2022, August 2022

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“Cassie's Bimini and Tonga trips are fantastic life experiences. I've traveled with her multiple times over the past four years to photograph dolphins and humpback whales. She is a great photographer and puts her heart and soul into these trips.

Every detail is worked out from the allowable weight of your camera gear on the aircraft, to transportation, food, housing and of course maximizing opportunities for wildlife encounters. There's nothing more magical than swimming side-by-side with these creatures in the wild, you are certain to come home with great memories and new friends.”

-Chloe K. - July 2018, June 2019, July 2021, July 2022

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“I’d always dreamed of swimming with dolphins - not in a staged arena or theme park, but to truly experience them, to encounter them in their natural environment. This trip with Cassie was exactly what I’d always wanted, and so much more. Cassie was meticulous in her search for the dolphin pods. She made sure they were receptive to us as we entered the water and while interacting with them, so as not to disrupt their natural behaviors in any way. Seeing the inquisitive intelligence in their eyes as I swam alongside them is an experience I will never forget, and can’t wait to repeat! It was the first time I’d felt I was the one being observed in the ocean, rather than the other way around.

Dolphins weren’t the only highlight of our trip. We visited beaches filled with sting rays and nurse sharks, swam with Caribbean reef sharks, dove an incomparable, half-submerged shipwreck and even saw a baby tiger shark in the water! Not a moment on this trip was wasted. The accommodations and small group size were super comfortable, the captain was AMAZING, and Cassie’s organization of this trip from U.S. departure to return made the most of every moment. She is a TRUE steward of the ocean and all its inhabitants. Thanks, Cassie, for the trip of a lifetime, can’t wait to be back one day!”

-Krissy G. - July 2019

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“Swimming with dolphins in Bimini is an absolute MUST DO!! To be in a wild animal’s environment, and have them interact with you the way these dolphins do is incredibly emotional and so so special!! I’m confident that they stole a piece of my heart, and I couldn’t be more grateful!!

And it’s not only dolphins… we had amazing experiences with stingrays, sharks, and turtles, oh my!!! Cassie deserves so much credit! She is an absolutely amazing human…she is why this trip is so special! From planning, to logistics, to encounters, she is at the top of her game! if you want to experience a wildlife encounter like no other…to have wild dolphins interact with you for hours on end…to be around like-minded humans who put the planet first…but mostly to make you a better human and leave with more happiness than you have experienced before…YOU MUST DO THIS!!!!”

-Brandi R. - June 2021

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"Completely unexpected life changing experience with marine mammals! I truly didn’t know the perspective change that this experience would soon give me after booking this excursion with Cassie. It was so worth it in every way!

The host, accommodations, and experience of the trip are great and seamless but the dolphins are 100% what you’ll remember. The interactions with these wild animals are eye opening… to the lives and intellect of dolphins. Seeing them in the wild, how they choose to play with you, and how they “feel the room” first hand is an absolute must! It’s a beautiful, primitive feeling to swim with them."

-Sam F. - July 2018

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“If you are looking for a once in a lifetime experience, Cassie can make that happen. The hardest part was having to catch my flight home. Cassie took care of every little detail and gave me an experience I’ll never forget. It’s fun packed and educational, with Cassie’s knowledge and guidance you get to interact with these beautiful creatures without disturbing their natural behaviour. I can’t wait to come back.”

-Mellisa A. - June 2021

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“Swimming with wild dolphins was easily one of the coolest and most surreal things I’ve ever done. Being that close to nature in their domain makes you feel more connected to the world and a part of something so much bigger than just us. The dolphins aren’t always easy to find, so it feels like a huge reward when you spot the fins and finally get to jump in! It feels like they’re inviting you into their home to play with them.”

Shalyn V. - June 2022

Video of an amazing seaweed game by Missey!

“What a magical adventure we had with Cassie Jensen in Bimini with the Atlantic Spotted Dolphins!! Cassie’s excitement is infectious, her knowledge extensive, and her diligent attentiveness to both the safety and comfort of the guests, and well-being of the dolphins, wildlife, and ocean were second to none.

The house is so cute, very comfortable, and only a short walk from a stunning beach. The experiences we had with the dolphins, stingrays, turtles, sharks, and other marine life were something I will never forget. This is a bucket list trip and I’m already planning to go back!”

-Missey D. - August 2022

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"Traveling to Bimini with Cassie could not have been more perfect if she could work miracles! The chartered plane ride was a blast and the captain was knowledgeable and eased my fears about flying in a smaller jet. We got to the house and immediately went out for our first dolphin search and found them almost instantly. Swimming alongside them was such a dream and Cassie is incredibly knowledgeable so I learned so much about these amazing animals.

Cassie and I have been friends over 10 years, and she is always a blast but she is really in her element here and made this trip so fun. I went on this trip solo and didn’t know anyone but made some great friends. Between 6am snorkeling in place of my coffee, swimming with dolphins, sting rays and sharks, and getting to be in one of the most beautiful places on earth, I could not recommend this trip more and I will be going every year from now on!"

-Ashley M. - June 2022

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"Cassie, with her experience reading behavioural cues from our underwater friends, let us safely experience what it’s like to swim alongside pods of spotted dolphins, reef sharks, nurse sharks and stingrays. Our first day in Bimini we found a mom and her calf who graciously trusted her with her little one and swam circles around us.

Immediately I learned that dolphins are quite docile, and were so calm and friendly towards us. It was only on day two that I got to see them behaving a huge pod, play fighting, mating, doing cool dolphin secret handshakes (i am not even kidding,) and chasing each other around or playful holding each other tails in their mouths. They were so careful not to jostle us that I was amazed at how agile and playful they really were amongst themselves!

This is the trip of a lifetime and it was incredible to be immersed in an experience so wild while feeling safe and in good hands with the crew and Cassie’s team. Excited make the trip again sometime!"

-Solenne B. - July, 2021

Ezra's dreamy dolphin footage!

“I live in Miami where I dive a lot and I visit the Bahamas for diving a bit as well. This trip we decided to go on one of Cassie's charters to do a bunch of free diving and it was amazing. We spent a lot of time in the water, saw plenty of dolphins, rays, sharks and since it was all inclusive it was very little effort for how much we got to do. We also had some beginner snorkelers in our group and the really cool thing is that if you are just starting out or have been doing this for years there was something for everyone, and we all had a great time.”

-Ezra D-V. - July 2022

Beautiful image by Leila K!

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“Cassie organized an amazing trip for our group of friends and travel buddies. Our goal was to spend as much time in the water swimming with dolphins, stringrays, and sharks. Mission accomplished! We had some amazing photo opportunities and I especially loved hearing stories from Cassie and the local boat crew”

-Leila K. - July 2022

Joanne mermaiding in the Sapona! Image by Oscar Cacho

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“For years I have traveled to different places looking for paradises under the sea, I love to interact and connect with the eyes of different marine species, but this time I have a priceless experience; I got to interact with dolphins, caribbean reef sharks, nurse sharks, stingrays and more species in complete freedom. If you want an unforgettable experience you can have it with: structure, security, safety, cordiality, empathy, kindness, in a family atmosphere and much more… just by contacting Cassie Jensen Let’s repeat!”

-Joanne M. - June 2022

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"I heard about the excursions Cassie runs in Bimini through a friend. Swimming alongside dolphins in the wild had always been a dream of mine since I was a child so I jumped at the opportunity to join her. Cassie is super fun and laidback, with great knowledge about the Atlantic spotted dolphins and other marine life that inhabit the turquoise waters around Bimini.

Finding the dolphins sometimes took time, but our patience was always rewards with the most mind-blowing experiences. The spotted dolphins were very playful at times, spinning circles around us and coming in close as if they were the ones who were curious about us. Other times we swam alongside large pods of up to twenty dolphins. Cassie also gave us the opportunity to explore a shipwreck, and swim with stingrays and Caribbean reef sharks. The whole trip was absolutely magical and I would join Cassie again in a heartbeat!"

-Emily R. - June 2019

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"Sharing space in the water with Altlanic Spotted dolphins was a dream come true. This trip could not have happened without Cassie’s thoughtful planning. Her passion for the wildlife is contagious and I cannot wait to visit Bimini again. Thank you Cassie for all your hard work to put together this dream trip."

~Kristin J. - June 2021

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