Humpback Whales in Vava'u, Kingdom of Tonga 2016 - Cassie JENSEN
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A Mother's Loving Touch

A Mother's Loving Touch

One of my favorite moments, from day three with the whales. "Another absolutely incredible day on the water with Heat Runs all morning and a mum and calf in the afternoon. The intimacy displayed between the two was breathtaking to watch as the calf would need the mother's support at the surface in between swimming around us and beneath the mother.
It has been extremely cold on the water every day with nonstop rain so this "moody" image felt perfect to coincide with the weather we've had.
We never let it bring us down though, and today was the first time we have seen sun since our trip started! Hoping to get some sun beams shining in over the next few days, but we are all just thrilled to exprience these encounters with such magnificent animals."