Come swim with us in Bimini!

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Do you want to swim with wild Atlantic spotted dolphins, wild bottlenose dolphins, wild southern stingrays, explore the Sapona shipwreck, and swim with wild reef sharks?

BIMINI is the place to make your dream a reality!

2022 Dates & Current Availability:

Trip 1: June 4-7 (postponed due to a forecasted tropical storm)

Trip 2: June 11-14 (fully booked)

Trip 3: June 18-21 (1 spot left)

Trip 4: June 25-28 (fully booked)

Trip 5: July 9-12 (fully booked)

Trip 6: July 16-19 (fully booked)

Trip 7: July 23-26 (fully booked)

Trip 8: July 30-Aug 2 (fully booked)

Trip 9: Aug 6-9 (fully booked 

Trip 10: Aug 13-16 (fully booked)

Trip 11: Aug 20-23 * newly added (4 spots left)

Why Bimini?

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Bimini is made up of two beautiful islands in the Bahamas, only 50 miles east of South Florida, which makes it very easy to get to. Bimini has a North and South island; the North end is more populated and generally more suited for tourists (casino, large resort, many restaurants), and the South island is quieter,  with less traffic which is a great place to relax and enjoy the solitude. 

Bimini is a nursery for an abundance of different animals; bottlenose dolphins, atlantic spotted dolphins, southern stingrays, many different species of fish, reef, nurse, and lemon sharks (and other types of sharks are more prevalent during the winter season).

Beautiful video from one of our 2018 trips by Matt Bryant


*$1,950 USD per person

$500 deposit due upon booking. 

*A passport is required for this trip.

What's included:

-Private flight to Bimini and back from Miami

-3 nights accommodation (shared queens)

-3 days on the water

-Snacks on the boat


What's not included:


-Covid-19 test cost to enter the Bahamas if unvaccinated

-Trip insurance

-Tips for our captain/ crew 

Why the cost has increased post-COVID:

I am chartering a plane to fly us to Bimini and back. It has increased the total cost of the trip per person.

The reasons for chartering the plane:

-Social distancing is much more difficult when on a ferry around hundreds of people. 

-The time it takes to board/ de-board/ get through customs on the ferry can take several hours. By chartering the plane, it is much more time efficient and we don't have to wait in long lines which can be frustrating and chaotic at times

-It's typically a 20 minute flight, less time to get there means more adventure time on the island!

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How we get there:

As mentioned above, we will be taking a chartered plane. 

The flight takes less than 20 minutes each way!

Taking the plane will limit the amount of contact that we previously had with hundreds of other people on the ferry. Especially with COVID, it will be much better to avoid being exposed to a large group of people.

Weight restriction:

Since we are chartering a plane, there are weight restrictions. The weight restriction is out of all of our control and we need to strictly adhere to it for safety. Upon booking, I will need your actual current weight (NO rounding down ;) ) to make sure we are all able to get on the plane and how much gear we are allowed to bring.  So far each guest will be able to bring between 35-50 pounds of gear. 

Where We Stay:

We will be staying on the South Island, which is the perfect location to relax and enjoy the island life. We will be staying in a house owned and managed by local friends. It is in a great location for our excursions, and is 50 yards from the ocean. Bedrooms, open living space, and a wraparound porch all have views of the beautiful Bimini Blue water.  

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Accommodation is shared queen beds. Two rooms are closed off with a door, and two are loft style areas. There are also extra blow up queen mattresses we can pull out if people would like to use those as well.

There are two bathrooms with showers, plenty of room on the porch for rinsing and drying gear, and there is a washer and dryer which we use each evening.

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The numbers and the boat

Typically, there will be 8-9 people on the boat total, including our captain Ken, who is extremely knowledgable and has been living in Bimini for many years. He knows the waters surrounding the islands extremely well, and is an asset to our trips!

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This trip is designed for everyone! Photographers, bucket listers, adventurers, and dream chasers.

Children are also welcome to join as long as they are closely monitored by an adult at all times. 

What will we see?

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We will see all sorts of marine life. We will be mainly scouting for spotted dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, stingrays, reef sharks, and whatever else the ocean wants to surprise us with!

**We are going to be in the open ocean, with the possibility of seeing and swimming with WILD animals!! It is important to remember these are wild animals, and they are the ones who decide if we will be able to swim with them or not. We will do our best to swim with them, but it is never guaranteed. That's one thing that makes interacting with these beings so special - they decide if we get to be in their presence or not. It is also possible that we will see animals from the boat, but not get in with them depending on their behavior... but if they want to play, play we will! 

What to bring:

*We are on a chartered plane that is weight restricted - if we are over the weight allowance, we cannot fly and will need to leave things behind - please bring as few items as possible - we are going on a 3 day adventure, not a trip where you need to bring 5 outfits for every day. I re-wear the same outfits most of the entire trip. The less you bring, the better for everyone! Camera equipment is heavy, we need to prioritize when packing!

-Please bring your own MASK, set of FINS, and SNORKEL!! These are not included in the trip, and we will not have extras so make sure to bring your own.

-People used to bring bring weight/weight belts when weight wasn't an issue; due to the chartered flight, it is recommended to bring as little amount of weight as possible. If you don't think you will use your weight belt much, please leave it at home (the dolphins are usually on the surface anyway, and honestly it is not necessary!)

-Cash for extra supplies, extra taxi rides, etc.

-A wetsuit is not required, it is summer and the water and air is very warm. Wear one if you'd like, or a swimsuit or rash guard. I wear rash guard leggings and a rash guard shirt, or a full body rash guard suit  

-A towel is NOT necessary; we have towels at the house - if you need one on the boat, bring an extra one, but we usually don't use one on the boat

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Sample itinerary:

-Sat. ~8:15am - Check in for flight

-9 am - depart Miami

~9:30am - Arrival, customs, settle in at the house, grocery run to N Island & back, quick bite to eat for lunch

~1:30-6pm - head out for dolphins!

-6pm - Drop off, oganize, showers, dinner on N Island or cook at home

-Sun: morning snorkel if desired in front of our house.

-Breakfast at home

-Boat pickup at 9am, either to stingrays, Sapona, or reef sharks

-Midday - lunch on the boat or at home (we will decide on what we feel that day)

-2pm - Start scouting for dolphins for several hours (~3-4 hours)

-6pm - Back to our house for gear rinse, showers, dinner either out or cook

Mon: morning snorkel if desired in front of the house

-Breakfast at home

~9am- Boat pickup either to stingrays, Sapona, or reef sharks depending on the previous day or what everyone wants to do

-Midday - return home for lunch/ lunch out if people want to do that instead/ depending on what time we got home from Covid test

-2pm - Start scouting for dolphins for several hours (~3-4 hours)

-6pm - Back to our house for gear rinse, showers, dinner either out or cook

Tues: Morning snorkel and breakfast at the house

-Check in for flight 9am

-9am - Flight back to Miami

-9:30am land in Miami

Current Covid-19 protocol

As per the government website, these are the protocols for Covid-19 and traveling to the Bahamas. *Subject to change*

A COVID mask is required

If you are vaccinated, you do not need a Covid test to enter the Bahamas or return to the US.

If you are not vaccinated, a negative Rapid or PCR Covid test is required to enter the Bahamas. 

Ready to book?!

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Jump in on an exciting, incredible adventure with us!

For more information, email me at

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