Swim with DOLPHINS in Bimini - Cassie JENSEN

Come swim with us in Bimini!

Do you want to swim with wild atlantic spotted dolphins, wild southern stingrays, explore the Sapona Shipwreck, and swim with reef sharks?

BIMINI is the place to make your dream a reality!

Why Bimini?

Bimini is made up of two beautiful islands in the Bahamas, only 50 miles East of South Florida, which makes it very easy to get to! Bimini has a North and South island; the North end is more populated and generally more dedicated to tourists, and the South island is quieter, which is a great place to relax. 

Bimini is a nursery for an abundance of different animals; bottlenose dolphins, atlantic spotted dolphins, southern stingrays, many different species of fish, reef, nurse, and lemon sharks, (and other types of sharks are more prevalent during the winter season).

Where We Stay

We will be staying on the South Island, which is the perfect location to relax and enjoy the island life. We will be staying in a beautiful condo in the Bimini Sands Resort, which is in a great location for our excursions. Our place faces the harbor, and the ocean is just a block or two walk, and a pool beach side is also part of the resort.  

Accommodation is shared king beds and also single bed supplements, sharing a room.

The numbers and the boat

Typically, there will be 8 people on the boat. Our captain Ken is extremely knowledgable and has been living in Bimini for many years. He knows the waters surrounding the islands extremely well, and is an asset to our trips! 

There will be a maximum of six guests on each trip, and our captain and myself will be the remaining two people on the boat, making a total of 8. 

This trip is designed for everyone! Photographers, bucket listers, adventurers, and dream chasers.

Children are also welcome to join, as long as they are closely monitored by an adult at all times. 

What will we see?

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